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We complete every project with extra effort to meet our customers´ needs.

Our vision for the future defines our strategy. We want our name to be connected with expertise, accountability, and quality service. Our main goal is to lead our partners to success through our solutions, doing the extra mile.

Meet our team

We were established in 2011 by two remarkable people, Marko Šarmír and Roman Kurnický, building a company focused on psychometric assessment. Later on, Veronika Koišová joined the team and with her success-oriented mindset pushed the limits even higher. Since then, the team has been constantly growing with new members who always bring something unique to inmetric. We also cooperate with several other professionals, who are experts in their fields, such as delivering specialized training and workshops, coaching and mentoring, and many more. Together, we work to find the best solutions for our clients so that HR may have a significant impact on every company's success.


Veronika Koišová

Managing Partner


As a senior consultant in our team, Veronika takes care of complex talent management and developmental projects. She graduated in psychology and since then she´s active in the area of human resources consulting.

Area of expertise: She has a proven track record of running projects for clients in different business areas. She´s helping companies with creating, redesigning, and implementation of competency models, leading Assessment/Development Center Projects. You can meet her on courses focused on the usage of psychometric tools in selection and development or while getting feedback from assessment. But her matter of the heart is the 360-degree feedback.
Characteristic for her is acceptance of the diversity of personalities and opinions and the search for their synergies.

She is cheerful, with a strong sense of humour, and appreciates the friendly atmosphere, which she tries to create as a consultant in work activities, either for clients or her colleagues.

Agnes Light

Agnesa Poláček Hiczér

HR Solutions Consultant


Agnes has received her master's degree in Industrial and Organizational psychology at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. After graduation, she dived into the world of HR as an HR Generalist at an international company, where she gained invaluable experience in this diverse and complex role. 

Area of expertise: Thriving for new challenges, she switched to consultancy. Her main areas of expertise are creating and delivering 360° feedbacks, developmental interviewsonline psychometrics, assessment, and development center design and realization, competency model design, and re-design. She is responsible for carrying out a project with high importance on local and also international levels.

Her ability to build and sustain good relationships with her clients, her strong customer orientation, her expertise make her an exceptional consultant who does not give up till she finds the right solution.

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Laura Šmatlavová

HR Junior Consultant & Client Support

Laura is a fresh graduate of Comenius University, where she earned her master's degree in psychology. During her studies, her interests focused mainly on areas related to Occupational Psychology which led her to start her career in this field.

Laura, our newest team member, holds the position of Junior Consultant and her tasks include assisting in conducting psychodiagnostics and their interpretation, implementing Assessment and Development Centres, 360° degree feedback, workshops, processing company surveys, and providing support to our clients.

Laura is a highly perceptive and analytical person for whom transparency and fairness are essential in her client interactions. 


Natália Vedejová

HR Consultant & Client Support

Natália has received her master's degree from Comenius University in psychology. Throughout her studies, she has gained a diverse practice in the field of human resources – mainly recruiting.

In our team, she plays the role of consultant, which includes psychodiagnostic using psychometric tools and interpretation of the results, realization of Assessment and Development centers, 360° feedback and workshops, but also preparing marketing events, articles, and blogs, and website content management. She also deals with the preparation and processing of company surveys, which are tailored to the needs of clients. Natália is also the person who will provide you with client support in all the services we offer.

Natália is very perceptive and empathetic, tolerance and acceptance are very important to her. She always tries to create a comfortable/pleasant and safe environment in the workplace as well as when working with clients.

Baska Inmetric

Barbora Kulčárová

Business Consultant for Nalgoo® ATS


Barbora is a graduate of the Faculty of Management at Comenius University. Her entire career she has been focusing is on enhancing  HR processes, connecting business and technology. She has vast experience as a consultant for online psychometry, 360 degree feedback, creator of talent programs, and as an assessor of AC/DC.

Area of expertise: Her main area of interest currently is the digitalization of HR processes. Its main domain is the automation of hiring processes, the implementation of tools for effective cooperation between hiring managers and the HR department. She is actively involved in implementing projects with clients, where she combines his experience with the digitization of HR processes and online evaluation. Barbora is analytical, she has the ability to understand things comprehensively and always professionally.

If you also want to move your company towards modern technologies, make objective and quick decisions , than do not hesitate to contact her.

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