Diversity and inclusion

Improve the quality of work life, retain your employees and support their well-being through an inclusive work environment.


The words inclusion and diversity are resonating in society more and more. In movies, adverts, at school, at work. These terms are suddenly gaining in popularity... If you would like to get a free DEI video for your colleagues, onboarding or e-learning, click the button.


It makes a difference

At inmetric we believe that every person has the right to live and work in an environment where they feel appreciated, fully acknowledged, and safe. In an environment where they can flourish and achieve their potential whilst remaining true to themselves.

It is long known that characteristics as gender, sexual orientation, nationality and others do not affect or limit one's abilities and potential. On the contrary, it turns out that a diverse and inclusive environment provides many benefits both for employers and employees.


Diversity in the workplace yields benefits

At the company level, we are talking about a good reputation, a larger talent pool to choose from, higher profit, and a decrease in a fluctuation of employees. Furthermore, each of these benefits brings other partial advantages. 

For example, decreased fluctuation of employees means that one work position is occupied by the same person for a more extended time, enabling them to become an expert in their field. And in the case of their career growth, valuable know-how still remains within the company. Moreover, the conditions for creating functional and cohesive work teams are improved, as the team members trust one another, can rely on each other and feel comfortable in their team. All of this supports a positive work atmosphere, another motivating factor that positively influences employee performance. And last but not least, the overall hiring costs are reduced.  

At the employee level, the benefits include better well-being, increased satisfaction, motivation, productivity, work in an enjoyable environment and stress reduction.

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Diversity survey

As was said, we see the importance of drawing attention to diversity in the workplace, and we perceive it as happening more and more. To what extent and in which direction – we have set ourselves a goal to find out. 

In collaboration with the team BE-ID human, we have decided to launch a diversity survey. The aim is to determine the current status of Slovak and Czech companies in the field of diversity in the areas of sex, gender, culture, age, social roles, sexual orientation and other characteristics. We also aim to find room for improvement and assist the employers in creating a diverse and accepting environment, offering knowledge about this topic and otherwise improving this domain.

Who can participate and how?

The survey is being carried out in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Any firm residing in either of these countries can take part – whether it is a parent company, a subsidiary, or a branch of a foreign company. Data collection takes place from January 2022 until July 2022.

Data for each company should be filled out by a single person (HR manager, Specialist, CEO, a person in charge of the diversity and inclusion topic in the given company, etc.). They can participate by clicking on one of the links below, automatically redirecting them to our survey. Then, all left is to fill out the form and click send

I am interested in the results of the survey

In such a case, get in touch with us via the contact form below to share the results with you. We know the results will be meaningful and applicable in many areas. Whether you want to get an overview about this topic in the Slovak and Czech context, compare the situation in your company with others, identify the weak spots or actively devote resources to this topic, realistic data will be of great help to you.

Processed outcomes from our diversity survey will be available in October 2022.

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