Candidates or current employees? Present them with a completely new experience.

Decades of research and development and millions of evaluations of work potential all around the world annually have resulted in online assessment tools which offer you much more.
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Piece together a complex picture

Questionnaires focus on personality dimensions, which bring to light what is typical for a specific person. Based on them, you can make knowledgeable judgments about the extent of a person's competencies for a specific role and predict their future work performance, work potential, and culture fit. Instead of guessing based on one or two personal interviews, whether someone meets your expectations, verified questionnaires and aptitude tests do the work for you – quickly and effectively.

Results from personality questionnaires and aptitude tests assist you in choosing the most eligible employee based not only on their skills and abilities but also on their personality fit for a specific position. Are they a team player? Do they have leadership skills? Are they innovative? The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) will provide you with this information before the probation period. You will be able to find the right fit for the position and the employee will find the right position for themselves.


Your employee life-cycle companion

SHL questionnaires and tests have broad applicability and are useful far beyond recruiting. In the area of employee development, the questionnaires will clarify what competencies it is worth focusing on and developing further. Moreover, they will reveal the strengths you can build on. This way, further development is not only potent but also cost-effective.

Whether you are planning a talent management program, looking for a way to elevate your Assessment and Development centers, or developing succession planning, personality evaluation can bring you significant benefits.

Even in difficult situations, such as employee discharge, you can help advise your colleagues on their future career path, whether it is through the outplacement program or career counseling.  


Bring a new level of quality to your work

inmetric, as the only partner of SHL in Slovakia, brings you the opportunity to undergo a certified course in PAA (Personality and Ability Assessment).

Gain professional know-how in the area of  I-O psychological assessment and advance your methods of work. In the training course, you will learn to manage SHL online tools as well as correctly interpret and communicate the results to the evaluated person in a manner that is beneficial to all parties.

PAA courses at inmetric are led by Veronika and consist of pre-work e-learning and interactive group training. The group training offers space for practicing interpretations and sharing insights. You will also get a chance to have a look at the results from your own assessment and ask all the questions you might have in relation to I-O psychological testing. 

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