Measuring the potential of candidates as a key to successful employee selection? It has never been easier!


If you want to reliably measure the abilities of candidates and employees, discover what their strengths are, and where there is space for improvement, we have a solution for you – a broad portfolio of AON online assessment tools that will satisfy all the needs of your HR.

Do you want to learn how is a specific person able to work with their priorities, how effective their short-term memory is, or how capable they are in extracting relevant information from the text and reaching the correct conclusion? In all cases, you can rely on valid online tests of abilities. Easy and complex mapping of performance potential from the comfort of your living room.


This format of online assessment ensures that the candidate you choose has been chosen based exclusively on their skills and competencies excluding any prejudice or stereotyping.

Therefore, it is a great way to support diversity in your company from the first step of the employee life cycle. In addition, every candidate can undergo the assessment from the comfort of their home (or anywhere else with internet access) at any time it suits them. As a result, the process is free from stress and any nervousness caused by an unfamiliar environment and new people. Consequently, results in optimal conditions are obtained and you can evaluate the performance of a person and their fit for the position more accurately.

AON online tests are short and effective – no tedious testing – every test takes up only a few minutes and measures a specific ability for which it was construed. It is also possible to complete the tests on various devices – smartphones, computers, notebooks, or tablets. The candidate is thus not limited by the necessity of high-standard technical equipment.


Why this solution?

As a result of the broad variety of possibilities, every assessment is tailor-made. You do not have to worry about the candidate completing a lengthy test that is not relevant for the position they are applying for, which would ultimately result in your company leaving a bad impression. In unison, we can piece together a battery consisting of tests specific to your needs, which will not place excessive strain on the candidates nor you, whilst providing all the necessary information for reaching a decision.


Modern online assessment can, however, find its purpose beyond candidate selection. Besides ability tests, we can create an objective competency profile of the evaluated person through personality questionnaires. Such a profile may be utilized for various purposes – for instance, when you are considering a promotion or change of roles and are trying to learn if the person is the right fit. Moreover, AON questionnaires can shed light on the motivations of a person. Is it acknowledgment of the person's performance, having influence, absence of stress, or harmony in the workplace? The questionnaires provide space for the candidates to express what they find motivating and allow you to better understand whether or not a person is a right fit for your company.

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