A combination of various techniques to identify the best fit for a role or your top talents

Select or develop by unveiling true potential 


The fundamental aim of assessment and development centers are to provide a picture as punctual as it's possible about the assessed candidate or employee,  and forecast the possibility of how he or she will succeed in a specific job role.

Assessment Centers are one of the most effective selection methods and the one of the strongest predictors of the candidates´ future success in the company.

Doesn´t matter whether you are a small company or a multinational corporation. Valid and well-built assessment and development centers have their well-deserved place in hiring and development also. 


We help you to identify their missing compentencies that hinder development


Uncover with us hidden leadership potential and choose the best fit for the role


Let´s set together the ideal profile of your candidate and find the perfect match

Let´s find out how we in inmetric build up an assessment and development center that suits your needs and brings you the desired outcome 

During AC/DC, the candidates face modelled and prepared exercises on the individual or group level. They may be supplemented with several other methods such as Behavioral Interviewpsychometric assessmentLego Serious Play® and many more. It provides more in-depth experience and insight for the participant, and more information can be handed to the organization.

Depending on whether you aim to select or develop, each AC/DC can be set up and customized upon your needs and requests.

With Assessment Centre – we are focusing on selection, to hire the best candidate, or promote the most suitable professional.

With Development Centre - we are focusing on the development of employees.  As a Development Centre itself is a developmental tool, you can also incorporate it into various developmental programs both, as the first step, or the last one.


Our AC/DC stories:  we have a wide variety of self-developed exercise on several levels of difficulties, and our profound know-how deepened over the years of experience from several industries.

Our programs are built to be as much as unbiased and objective as it is possible. To help to keep this objectivity through the whole process to "observe" and describe the desired behavior. 

We strictly build the programs on pre-defined competencies.  Whether the client himself deliver the competency model, decide to use one of our off-the-shelf solutions, or we create a new one from scratch. Thanks to well-defined competencies exact behaviors are observable and rateable.  

To make an AC/DC successful, the excellent experience of participants is crucial. We are aware that spending a whole day or a half on an assessment center could be challenging and sometimes even exhausting, thats why we keen on to prepare the assessment enviroment as pleasent as possible.

As an outcome, every participant should receive a personal report of the center and psychometrics. The feedback is crumbled down into each competency area, as well as a whole picture of the perceived person observed by several observers. An optional, but highly recommended step is afterwards a personal face-to-face feedback with an HR consultant, hiring manager, boss or HR person. We see this step as essential to wholesomely understand one's behavior, recognize and uncover some blind spots, and discover hidden potential.

How does a typical AC/DC look like? 

Firstly, we settle the key competencies and build up a program which meets the needs of the company, e.g. selection, developmental program, succession planning or talent management. From now on, every step is customized. Together we agree the number of participants (1-8), length (1 day or a ½) and the scenario of used exercises used to copy the company's environment as much as possible. The difficulty of the activities depends on the complexity of the role and professional expertise of the participants. By the end of the day, the participants receive short feedback, which later followed by a detailed report about their strengths and weaknesses, potentials and an overall sum up of their performance.

We recommend to hand this report over during a face-to-face interpretation with a consultant. This way, we enhance the acceptance of the results and deepen the understanding of one's performance and competencies.


"We have been cooperating with inmetric in the implementation of the Assessment and Development Centers for a long time, especially in the evaluation of candidates for managerial positions. We highly value not only the interconnectivity of information from behavioural AC / DC with the outputs of online psychometrics but especially the fruitful discussions with the consultants who are always ready to give a different angle of view, not just to stay on the surface but dive in. Thanks to the comprehensive outputs of such an evaluation, we are not only making better decisions, but also the participants are further motivated to work on themselves and develop their competencies."

Miroslav Buček, Manager of career, benefits and international mobility at PSA

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