Gather accurate and valuable information thanks to our uniquely designed surveys

Ever wondered what surveys are for and how can they be useful for your long-term business plans? How can you prepare a good survey that gives me the information I can effectively work with?


Before launching a new development program in your company, you probably want to make a throughout research on pros and cons, deciding whether to keep in internally or to outsource and you would like to get as many answers as possible. You would like to know if your employees are satisfied with the developmental options they have right now at the company, maybe if they have another fresh idea on improving developmental programs and many more.

Nowadays, more and more employees consider their development (professional and personal) an essential part of building their careers. If you think about it, that’s a win-win situation, since companies need to have educated and well-trained employees who are motivated enough to work on themselves.


Asking the right questions

We can help you ask just the right questions with high informative value, meaning the information collected has importance for the organization. Data with high importance can be statistically analyzed, compared and evaluated so that you can build upon them. Gather information about professional development preferences (indoor, outdoor, individual or group, online or face-to-face, 2-day without a pause or shorter sections, etc.) and anticipate their development needs.

It´s always good to add some little extra to your survey. One option is to add a section for open-ended comments.



Motivate your employees to fill out (and honestly if possible) 

First of all, anonymity is one of the critical components of collecting honest answers. It ensures people that there won´t be any consequences if they give a negative or disfavoring opinion. 


I have had the opportunity to work with a team of experts, standing behind inmetric solutions, for a couple of years now. Our long-term cooperation is the key to why we are always able to receive a product/service, which is tailor-made for our current needs. In the topic of requesting feedback on our products and services from customers, we managed to create a complex survey, which accurately identified our strengths and weaknesses. We were able to specify the necessary steps we had to undertake to maintain our customers in the course of upcoming years. We were able to recognize the exact areas, which had to undergo change fast, in order for our firm to grow further.  Due to thorough analysis of data from the survey, we were able to improve in the exact areas, where it was necessary. Thus, we invested our energy in the right direction and did not spend it there, where the customer does not find it important.
Judita Jan─Źíková, Customer servis manager, Premac



Inform them in advance

It always seems to be one of the key steps to be left out. Emphasize that the outcomes will have a direct impact on their career development opportunities, they can have access to more specialized training, workshops, whatever options you might offer. Make your survey sexy :D Your employees deserve to know what their opinion is collected for, how is it going to be evaluated, and what are you going to do with it. Make it as exciting and interactive as possible. A significant percentage of people do not finish the surveys, because they find it boring, lengthy, questions seem to be irrelevant and just out of space.



Share the results with your employees

Sharing the results should be an unthinkable part of each survey. Make them feel that their opinion does matter, and based on their feedback something may change in the company. This way you motivate them to participate perhaps another time ­čśë

Our cooperation with inmetric exceeded our expectations, which were high. :-) Veronika always managed to recognize exactly what we wanted and offered a suitable solution. The whole project realisation was a very pleasant experience for us, thanks to her very personal approach, and we appreciate the valuable findings from the internal survey. 
Silvia Miklová, HR manager, TEMPEST


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