Kickstart your career in the right direction by understanding your strengths and using them effectively.

Looking for a new challenge in your career but you do not have a clear vision yet? You want a change but you have only a vague idea of what might be the most suitable career path for you? 

When we were children, nearly every one of us knew what we would like to become. It was crystal clear and the idea of failure had never appeared. In our minds, we were doctors, scientists, firefighters - you name it.

Since our childhood dreams, a lot has changed. It’s not that easy anymore to decide what you would like to do, where do you want to work, under what circumstances. We have to calculate with a lot of different variables.

We in inmetric can help you to find your way. 

Get ready for your new challenges and knock down the first obstacles with us.

Who is this program for?

  1. You are at the beginning of your career and not sure which way to go.
  2. You are planning to shift profession.
  3. You are planning to start your own business.
  4. You are returning to working life after a long pause.

Thanks to our career solutions/pathfinder program you will be able to understand your strengths and also identify your areas for development to help you map your competencies better and define areas you can build on.

Our program is highly customized and every program is unique - likewise our clients. Every package contains a personality assessment and a specified set of ability tests. Every program is intertwined with coaching and mentoring sessions and personal consultancies available in several languages (Slovak, Hungarian and English).

We also help you to prepare for an important job interview with interview simulations and constant support on your way.

Benefits of our career program

  • We prepare individuals for a career switch in a market, which is more and more competitive, so their strengths will be highlighted.
  • We help understand one’s personality and behavior deeper, gain an unbiased self-perception and focus personal development based on this information.
  • We help plan one´s career path thanks to conscious decisions based on relevant data.

Reliable psychodiagnostic




Individual career development plan


Happy and satisfying work-life

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