A method that makes your work more efficient and your HR decisions bulletproof.

Assessing candidates or your own employees is nothing new under the sun. The only thing that has been changing is the way how these assessments are conducted. For years for an evaluation, a candidate had to come to a particular place at a specific time, spend a few hours in a "classroom" to fill in the assessments approached by paper and pen. Then an authorized person evaluated the results one by one. Only afterwards results were handed to the assessed candidate/employee.


Only by reading this, you can imagine how lengthy and expensive this process was. As technology has been evolving, the pen and paper approach was slowly but inevitably replaced by the online method. One of the main advantages of online assessments is that they can be conducted online from the first to the last step. All you need is a good internet connection.

All tools and assessments in today's modernized world were adjusted to the expectations of the current age. Among these belong being time and tech-savvy, measuring a wide range of abilities, and nevertheless to obtain easily understandable and comprehensive results. Our tools are reliable, based on throughout researches, all data went through local validations. The results are presented in various ways, on individual or team level.


Advantages of online assessment


Effortless and user-friendly

Our online assessments are very interactive and user-friendly. The drop-out rate, compared to other assessment types, is heavily reduced due to our gamified elements.

Online assessment simplifies the work of your employees and significantly reduces the administrative burden. It can be easily administrated from any place with an internet connection. Moreover, the system is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Due to the diverse result forms available, it doesn't matter whether you need individual or team reports, or whether you prefer graphs and tables or narrative reports - with our tools all these options are accessible.

 Our online assessment allows for its integration into HR information systems. If you want to manage all the processes under one roof, with our IT team the whole process may only take a few weeks.

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Fair and transparent

Due to standardised instructions for testing, each participant gets identical instructions. This contributes to the fairness of the entire process. Moreover, every assessment is foregone by instructions and a trial exercise to assure that each participant understands how it works and to ensure equal opportunities for success.

Our assessments, as well as reports, are available in several languages. Our system allows that assessors and candidates are not limited by speaking different languages. The candidate can fill in the assessment in his / her native language, and the assessor can get the results again in a language of their own.

 Our tools contain a random generator of exercises that disables preparation for the test beforehand, making it fraud resistant. This generator also secures that no two assessments include the same set of exercises.

Online assessment tools and systems are following GDPR. The data of the assessed candidates is stored for no more than 12 months.

We do not see eco friendly only as a trend but rather as our shared responsibility. No need to print out the exercise sheets or reports. Everything runs digitally, reducing the impact on the environment.

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