Let your employees shine thanks to well-prepared employee care programs from the moment of onboarding.

For today’s modern organization, the main assets are no longer technology or materials, but people. People with high potential, effective workers who own a group of crucial competencies which lead the person, and eventually the organization to dream success.

It is essential to know your employees and adequately take care of them. DON’T WASTE the opportunity and forget the fear of losing your best ones due to lack of care and support.


“Applying the correct tools to find, develop and retain individual talents.”


What can you achieve with a well-designed talent management program in your company?

Our talent and career management services will lead your company toward success. Thanks to our broad's experience, we will guide you through the whole talent management line starting from recruiting and hiring, career development, and performance management to keeping the talents and effective succession planning. You not only need talented employees, but you also need engaged employees. How to do so?

First of all, it is necessary to settle the definition criteria for talent, what kind of behavior do you expect from the talent, and how are you going to reward them. One of the best motivations for talents is constant learning and exciting opportunities to rise professionally. inmetric´s consultants, alongside the members of your HR team, will create the most suitable program for your High Potentials.


To reach your goals, we offer a combination of various innovative online and offline approaches.


Performance management

How can we ensure that employees contribute to the achievement of corporate goals as much as possible by providing maximum performance? We help to coordinate employee and company goals, as well as to develop the competencies required for top performance.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the design and operation of professional performance management systems that can align employee goals with corporate strategy. These systems include various assessment methods, e.g. 360° feedback method or psychometrics, that can provide a perfect performance profile for all employees in the organization.

Through our performance management support programs and tools, managers and employees can acquire the skills needed to set goals, provide feedback, coach, and evaluate performance.

Employee retention 

In these hectic days, it is more crucial than ever to retain key employees in an organization. The key people are the ones who ensure the future success of the company and therefore, should not be lost. Losing a key employee may lead to fluctuations in productivity, loss of business, negative effects on customer satisfaction, well-being,  employees and company mood, and last but not least a loss of intellectual capital.


Succession planning

Effective organizations have precise ideas about what leadership and talent they need to have, to go towards a successful future. Good leaders know that they can only build on trusted talent in the long run, for which consistent succession planning, workforce planning, professional development, and job rotation are essential.

We can help you to settle this up, so your organization not only wins in the short run but triumphs in the marathon also.


Rotation programs

For talents, it is crucial to have different career opportunities in the organization, whether it is promotion or rotation. Career management is one of the most complex processes to set up and make it work. Therefore, our consultants in close cooperation with your HR team will outline and define necessary steps to create a customized program, which will suit your talents the best.

Are you interested in this service?We will be happy to tell you more. Ask us anything or get a free consultation where we’ll explain our services further and recommend the ones which are the best for you according to your needs.