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Are you a psychology student and see your career working in HR? Or have you already joined the family of HR specialists and are looking for specialised and professional training? You are in the right place.
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There is an abysmal difference between education and everyday practice. Graduates arrive at work with no, or in the better cases, a very vague idea about how to utilise their knowledge in a real-life work environment. Often, they are thrown in at the deep end because there is no time to show them around and attend to them as much as would be needed. Thus, they are looking for ways to cope on their own and apart from the effective and appropriate work habits, they also often pick up the less effective ones on the way.

Now should come the part where we persuade you that is not the case.

But it is. We too come into contact with this harsh reality daily. Nevertheless, we at inmetric are the way we are – if we do not like something, we look for ways to do it differently.

Imagine a world, where even HR novices are better prepared, oriented, and professionally capable...

Welcome to EXPERT HUB!


EXPERT HUB is a materialisation of our desire to help young people gain a realistic idea of how HR can look like, what challenges they might face and how many different tools they have at their disposal. We believe this way we can contribute to these people soon being tantamount partners in discussion in their firms, positively affecting processes from within.  

Thus, we decided to set an official framework for our collaboration with the Psychology Department at the Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University.

Since 2021 inmetric has officially become a Training facility of the Faculty of Philosophy, CU in Bratislava. In each academic year, a few students get the unique opportunity to attend a specialised training programme, which will be accepted as a Psychological practical experience and included in their study results.


What awaits you at Expert Hub?

We prepared a module-based training programme, which will guide you through the most-frequently-used assessment and development HR tools in the duration of a few weeks (so you can study in comfort along with other responsibilities of a standard semester).  

Together we shall take a closer look at complex topics such as:

  • Online organisational psychodiagnostic assessment
  • 360° Feedback
  • AC/DC

You will learn how these tools are used/not used in practice. Why they are useful and what are the benefits and limits of each of them. You will have the opportunity to try out each of them and form your own opinion. We will have room for group discussions and sharing of opinions.

We will also talk about topics such as digitalisation of HR processes, what an ATS is and what it is good for, why employees do not usually see the point of satisfaction surveys, and what to look out for when planning development activities.
After successful completion of the programme, you will be prepared for launch in your future job.

Not a student anymore, but would like to gain this knowledge? Contact us.